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So, do we have a deal?

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Everyone always says how having a new child changes your life.  My blogging buddy, Chris Bumeter (, recently told me that he’s a new father and loves it.  When you read his blog and twitter accounts, you see the proof.

So what does having three kids feel like?  Let’s just say it makes you want to go out and do things you’d never thought in a million years you’d want to do…that’s right, it makes you want to buy a mini-van.

For the record, I’d rather try to take my contacts out with coal-fired tweezers than buy a used car.

So, just days before the birth of my 3rd child, where do I find myself? You guessed it, the Auto Dealership.

I’ve spent almost my entire adult life in sales, and yet, here I am, wrapped in the used car salesman’s web of lies, wishing I was home, staring into the mirror with those scorching tweezers.

I hate buying cars like my kids hate eating healthy, brushing teeth or listening to their mother.

I’m not entirely certain what I hate the most. It’s probably the feeling that no matter how much I research, how much “homework” I do, I always feel like the biggest sucker as I walk out the door. I’m certain my sales guy, Blake, and his manager will be high-fiving each other after selling me a car, while calling their wife’s to tell them that they had a great day and asking whether they would like them to bring home PF Chang’s tonight…

“We can afford it Honey, Daddy sold a big one tonight!”

I also hate the whole Good Cop, Bad Cop routine.

“I want to sell you this car, but my manager’s having a bad day and says he’s gonna lose big on this sale, so we’ll see what he says”…really?  Bad day?  That’s the best you could come up with?

I imagine he goes back to the manager’s office and a tape of Glengarry Glen Ross’s “Coffee’s for Closer’s” is playing on loop

How about all the waiting? If I kept my clients waiting like that they’d leave me in droves and I’d feel awful. And yet, there I am, sifting through October 2010 issues of Motor Trend, while sipping on day’s old coffee, looking for the damn remote to the tv in the waiting room. I guess that’s the fundamental issue with buying a car these days…the salesmen always seem to have us were it hurts. I feel like I should walk out…

But I won’t..

I just bought a mini-van….hope he enjoys the PF Chang’s tonight.

Have you bought a car recently?  Did you enjoy it?  What tips do you have for buying a car?

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