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Gotta Run

To review, four weeks ago I accepted a challenge, then revealed intimate details of my life, followed by the purchase of a  van, culminating in the birth of a child.  All-in-all, a pretty good four weeks…only one issue…I feel awful…

I used to weigh about 210 pounds…(want to see a pic? My assistant, Anita, says it looks like a normal picture of me, only squeezed into a small box…I’d be mad if wasn’t so true). Two years ago, I stopped drinking, started running, and haven’t looked back…In April of 2012 I completed my first full marathon in Nashville, and I felt great.

It worked so well…I stopped.

Stopped running, stopped eating right and now I feel just awful. I’ve lost my energy, don’t sleep well, and I’m subject to fits of moodiness, much to the dismay of the Better Half. So, it’s time to get back on the horse. I’ve signed up for the St Louis Rock n Roll half marathon, and I’m gonna start training today. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I’ll use this blog to check in from time-to-time to give you updates.

The Plan

First, you may ask, why a half marathon instead of the full…(or your might think, why either, they both sound obnoxious) Well, for me, training for the full marathon became a part-time job…nothing like waking up on a random Wednesday morning and running 10 miles before work. I already have a full-time job and a third baby…so in order to keep the wife happy, maintain some Daddy Balance, I decided to scale back to the half. Besides, the full marathon was brutal. The half is a great distance. Long enough that you must train and take care of your body to run well, but not so long that you think you might die.

The Rock n Roll is Sunday, Oct 20th, about 12 weeks away. I’ll be following the intermediate training plan here.  My goal is to finish under 1 hour 45 minutes. To accomplish this goal, I’m going to try a couple of things.

First, I’m gonna lose some weight. I realize that I’ve already lost quite a bit, but I’m one of these guys who goes out for a long run and burns a lot of calories, then comes home and eats ice cream…hey, something to reward yourself, right? The issue is that I don’t lose a lot of weight, and end up heavier than I want to be…it’s hard enough to run 13.2 miles, try carrying an extra 10lbs. To that end, I’m gonna start with a 7 day cleanse, (at the suggestion of my personal trainer, who moonlights as my Big Sis, you can follow her on twitter @jenpietrzak) then follow Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet to lose some weight.

Second, I’m gonna do some cross training. In the past, I’ve run, then I’ve run some more…after which, I’d go for a run. I do very little in the way of changing things up, so this time, I’m gonna try some yoga. I looked it up earlier, and I am, in fact, the most inflexible person in the world. Adding some flexibility should help my balance, weight and speed. All things that I need help on.

There you have it…Cleanse, run, diet, yoga, run, diet, yoga, Half Marathon…who’s with me?

Seriously, who’s in?  Do you run?  Would you like to?

Join me for the Rock n Roll on Saturday, October 20th.  They offer a 5k race if your are just starting, or marathons if you’d like.  Keep me updated on this blog or twitter  You can find all the info at


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  1. I always want to do one of these marathons in my brain, but then my body says no.

  2. Your plan sounds solid — cleansing is a great way to start! I’m running my first ultra in October, the week after your event! I’m excited to get it done!! Good luck to you and congratulations on the baby!

  3. I used to run ALL the time last year, and have some modest 4mile times. Then it got hot, and then I took up boot camp classes. My workout regimen cycles… In fact I was a serious cyclist this past November to May. I miss running, but my ankles don’t

  4. What’s your plan to cleanse? I need to get in to a better overall routine because I find myself having issues sleeping well and even when I do sleep well I’m tired all the time. I feel strongly that one of the main reasons is my diet. There’s nothing really good about it, so I’m just curious how the whole cleanse process works.

    Do you run around Wentzville or on a treadmill or how do you do it? I have to run outside because I get bored on a treadmill I like the change of scenery. I look forward to hearing your progress as it gets closer and good luck!

    • I’m keeping tabs on my cleanse this week, was planning on writing about it for next week, so I’ll let you know how it goes. Yes, I run in Wentzville, mostly up and around Peine Road, sometimes over into Bear Creek. You?


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