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I have two kids, Henry & Charlie, and one on the way.  As a matter of fact, I hope my wife is in labor as you read this post.  It’s gonna be another boy (unless the sonogram was a lie:), was wishing for a girl, but hey, out of my control, right?

Having kids is great.  What amazes me is the difference in  personalities.  Take this video for example, at ages 6 & 3, you’d think they’d be similar.  Born from the same parents, in the same house, eat the same food, have the same blonde hair and yet, check how different they are.

I’m guessing the third will be somewhere in the middle.  I was the youngest of 3, and tend to be in the middle myself.  Well, gotta go, I think I hear my wife contracting:)


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  1. chrisbumeter

    Haha epic board diving and perfect soundtrack for it!

  2. chrisbumeter

    Congrats BTW on the little one I have a 5 month old boy here it’s our only one but man is it awesome being a dad 🙂


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