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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Challenge Accepted

I’m on a Twitter…a lot.  It is my social media of choice these days.  I follow all sorts of people, authors, athletes, etc.  A few years back, I began to follow people who lived close to me.  I’d search local themes, like the city I live in or popular events going on my town.  If I saw someone local, I’d give’em a follow.  Looking back, I’m not sure why I started this, but I now follow a few dozen local people, who have no idea who I am.  I guess you could call me a Twitter Stalker…I’ve been called worse:)

So I happened across one of my local Twitter follows this morning, Chris Bumbeter (, who posed a challenge to his readers:

Blog 52 times, once a week, for a year.

Seems easy enough.  So I googled “how to start a blog” and here we are.  Everything I read tells me to focus on one topic, something you are passionate about. I seemed to be passionate about starting new things, not always as good about finishing them!   I’ll use this to see if I can find that one topic and also see if I can challenge myself to not just start, but finish.

So, here we go!

Thanks for the invite, Chris.  Challenge Accepted!

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